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Jul 31, 2011 8:00am EDT
are no longer britain's newest royal new le weds. zara phillips married mike tyndall in scotland yesterday. it was a royal wedding with a queen and rest of the family in attendance. it was a decidedly low-key affair compared to william and kate's wedding. here's lama hasan. >> reporter: bride looked radiant in a glistening tiara borrowed from her mother. the groom looked dapper, in a pin-stripe suit. far from their casual atie. on their wedding day, they were beaming, calm and collected. by the way, he was five minutes early. the queen's oldest granddaughter, zara was 5 minutes late. but who's counting. he and hubby, mike. a rugby sports star sealed their marriage with a kiss. and wowed the crowd. okay, it wasn't quite like that other kiss on that balcony, that's because these newlyweds don't like the spotlight. their wedding was so private. that buckingham palace only released a few details. but the 1500 well-wishers lining the streets, some camped overnight were not disispointed. they got to cheer all of the members of the royal family. the bride's mother in a fetching flowery ensemble.
Jul 30, 2011 7:00am EDT
phillips getting married in scotland today and the entire royal family including william and kate are on the guest list. abc's lama hasan has details from london this morning. good morning. >> reporter: round two, indeed. the royal family is getting together once again for another royal wedding but this time it's more of a private affair. less pomp and circumstance than the other wedding we saw three mops ago. the celebrations began with a cocktail partytyn the royal yacht "britannia." yep, you guessed it. these newlyweds stole the show. harry was there and it doesn't look like he had a date, gals but they are not your typical royal couple. she is zara phillips, the royal wild child with a pierced tongue. a sporty 30-year-old world class equestrian. he is mike tyndall, a burly man who plays a quintessential and tough sport rugby and like the duchess of cambridge he too is a commoner but for this wedding the eyes will not be on the bride and groom. >> her granny happens to be the queen, head of tate but that is the only sort of real royal connection. other than that it is like any
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2